Ayush Manufacturing License for Herbal Products in India

Obtaining Ayush manufacturing license for herbal products in India is mandatory for manufacturing ayurvedic or herbal products in India. In recent years, India has become a pioneer on the global level when it comes to the manufacturing of herbal products. Talking about the current scenario in which COVID-19 exists, the demand for herbal or Ayurvedic products has increased across the nation due to the fact that these natural products can fulfill the objectives of improvement in immunity level and serve several other health benefits as well.

Types of Ayush Manufacturing License for Herbal Products in India

In India, there are three different categories of Ayush Manufacturing Licenses for herbal products.

 Complete Manufacturing License: 

 If you want to run a herbal product manufacturing and marketing business in India, you’ll need to have a complete Ayush manufacturing license. This license is also known as a full-fledged manufacturing license. You must own a manufacturing unit to be eligible for this license. You must comply with all of the AYUSH state authority’s standards. In India, the requirements for obtaining an Ayush manufacturing license for herbal goods differ by state.

    You need to act in accordance with the requirements prescribed by the respective state authorities of AYUSH.

The essentials for a complete manufacturing license is mentioned below in the points

  •  The manufacturing unit must be GMP( Good manufacturing practice ) certified.
  • Your manufacturing facility must be located in an industrial area.
  •  A manufacturing unit must be at least 1200 square feet in size. It only applies to one type of medication. If you want to add more medicine categories to your wishlist, you need to expand the available space.
  • You must set up all manufacturing and packaging machinery.
  •  Two pharmacists and two Ayurvedic specialists are required.
  • The drug inspector will remain quickly available to inspect the premises.
  • Other forms of paperwork.
  • After you’ve appeared in all of the essentials, you can apply for FSSAI registration.
Ayush Loan License
  •  It is not essential to be the owner of the manufacturing unit to receive this borrowing license. You can apply for a loan to a third-party manufacturer’s manufacturing plant.
  • A GMP certified manufacturer can apply for a loan license, and the license will be issued in time for your company’s registration.
  • Following that, the appropriate authorities would give you permission for your products. Following that, you can offer your approval for your products to be manufactured in the manufacturer’s plant.
  •  On the one hand, you will be looking to supply packaging and raw materials. The manufacturer, on the other hand, will be determining how to arrange it from his sources.
  • Eventually, you will be getting finished products from the manufacturer’s end.
  • If you want to change the manufacturer, you must apply for a loan license again, this time with a new GMP certified manufacturer.
  • The conversion charges will be charged by the manufacturer. These fees consider the cost of producing the product in his facility.
  • The product label will not reveal anything about the manufacturer with whom you have worked. The product label would confirm that your company manufactures and markets the product.

The following are the requirements for this license:

  • There must be at least three rooms on the premises (manufacturing plant). One storage room for raw materials, one for finished goods, and one for office setup are required.
  • Loan licenses must be renewed regularly.
  • Pharmacists and Ayurvedic experts are not required for this license.
  • Drug inspectors would come to your place of business regularly to conduct inspections.
  • Your business must be registered in the same state as the manufacturing facility.
  • Various other documents. 
  • You can apply for an FSSAI license for herbal products once the requirements listed above are met.

White Label Manufacturing/Third Party Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing

  • Start writing or pasting something here and then press the Paraphrase button. Third-Party Manufacturing License, also known as White Label Manufacturing License, is a license that allows you to use a third-party manufacturer’s manufacturing license to produce your product.
  • You only have marketing authority over the product. In this case, it is not necessary to own a manufacturing unit or obtain any licenses. The manufacturer will handle all of the necessary paperwork and formalities with the Ministry of Ayush.
  • In this case, the manufacturer must seek approval from the relevant authorities for your product, as you will be using the manufacturer’s Ayush manufacturing license for herbal products in India. You will either contribute packaging materials or raw materials, or arrangements will be made on the manufacturer’s part from these various sources.
  • After that, you would receive the finished product from the manufacturer. The company name is recorded on the product’s label, which has managed both the manufacturing and marketing of the product.
  • The manufacturer will charge not only the conversion charges for product manufacturing but also the product approval fees. It is critical to prepare a legal document that proves you own the product.
  • If there is a dispute, the legal document must ensure that your company maintains ownership of the product. Contract manufacturing is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. For example, one manufacturer is responsible for the five or six chyawanprash brands.
  • In this case, the brands are only concerned with marketing and outsource production.

Take Away

Acquiring an Ayush manufacturing license for herbal products in India is a requirement for manufacturing Ayurvedic or herbal products in India. During the COVID-19 pandemic, herbal or Ayurvedic products are in high demand. We at Corpbiz can assist you in obtaining an Ayush license as well as an FSSAI license.


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