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Larsen and Toubro (Larsen and Toubro) is a ( Since the introduction of metro rail in our country, this company appears to have become a household brand. The company, also known as L&T, is registered under the Indian Trademark Registration Act in many classes. However, a company known as LachmiNarain Trades and Others began using the phrase “LNT/ELENTE” as a brand name for electrical goods, selling solutions for electrical distribution systems.

In addition, the plaintiff found that the latter business had filed an application for trademark registration with the Trademark Registry, which was still pending. Larsen and Toubro, on the other hand, had a validated registration that allowed them to use the ® mark instead of the TM used by the defendant.

The case was ruled in the plaintiff’s favour, because, it had the trademark registered, against the pending application of the defendant. This is the exact point where the difference between ™ and ® comes to light.

The ™ Symbol:

The TM sign indicates that a trademark registration application has been filed with the trademark register. The TM sign thus indicates the existence of a trademark application for the item in question and appears to operate as a deterrent to trademark infringers. The TM symbol has no limitations and is just a message that the asset belongs to the applicant being considered. The ideal solution, however, is to apply for trademark registration online.

The ® Symbol:

The ® symbol indicates that the applicant holds a legal trademark registration for the object in question. In India, it is illegal to use the ® sign if the trademark is not registered or if the registration is pending with the trademark registration office. As a result, trademark registration should be completed to guarantee that the asset in question is protected against trademark infringers.

The main difference between TM and ® is in the registration process. The use of the TM symbol by a firm or an individual shows that the asset or trademark belongs to them. It does not, however, carry any legal implications. If the trademark is validated and registered, on the other hand, it is legally binding, and your brand name is protected against infringement.

How to transform ™ into ®:

So, you’re ready to go.

You can start using the ® sign next to your brand name as soon as your TM registration is validated.

Applying for online trademark registration is the basic step in bringing your asset or brand name under TM registration. As a result, applying a trademark registration application online is much easier than filing a paper application.

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