Packaged commodities rules is applicable for all the items including food, electronic devices, and consumer durable and non-durable goods. Following are few points which every product maker, or repacker or relebeller or marketer requires to understand :

  • PRICE: Pricing details to be stated on the actual product as well as on the online display of the product. (basically, the minimum retail price needs to be specified)
  • ORIGIN: Origin of the product (name of country) where the product was made, stored, or assembled.
  • Expiry Date: Expiry date, the use-by date should be specified on each Item. Customers should be aware of what they are consuming or using if it is healthy, safe, or not.
  • Swachh Bharat (Clean India) You are welcome to print the label even though it is not needed. (For quality control)
  • On the product, there are barcodes, QR codes, and E-codes for quality assurance.

Who Is Required to Follow the Commodities Regulations?

It is now mandatory for both online and offline sellers, while previously it was only required for online sellers. If you are selling any product online or offline, please ensure that it complies with the above standards. In addition, FSSAI Licence number should be written on the food products. 

Why did the Commodities Rules come into play?

Assume you are purchasing a product online at a discount. In the past, there was no mention of the product’s real price, indicating that the discount you received was not genuine.
Also, to ensure that the discounts you are receiving are right, and to encourage ethical behavior in the e-commerce ecosystem. Last year, 60,850 complaints were filed, compared to 13,975 the year before. The majority of the concerns were about “payment refunds problems.”
However, we as Indian citizens seeking positive improvements in the online ecosystem, complying with this will save from additional hassles and fines. Failure to comply will result in fines of up to 10-50 thousand and, in some cases imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.
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