The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) initiated the Food Safety Mitra Scheme on 16/10/2009. The Food Safety Mitra assists small and medium food-related businesses in expanding their operations while continuing compliant with FSSAI standards. The Food Safety Mitra (FSM) program will provide new job opportunities for young people, especially those with food and nutrition qualifications. To fulfil their role, the FSM will be trained and certified by the FSSAI, and they’ll be compensated by food businesses for their assistance. It also helps companies with registration, licensing, training, and maintenance of food safety standards. As a result, the process of FSSAI Registration has become more straightforward. 

Who is a Food Safety Mitra?

A Food Safety Mitra is an FSSAI-certified specialist who assists in FSS (Food Safety and Standards) Act, Rules, and Regulation’s implementation. 

Types of Food Safety Mitra

According to the FSSAI, the FSM scheme can play three different roles as given below:

Digital Mitra:

  • Fill out an application on the FSM website.
  • Once you’ve been shortlisted, complete the online training.
  • Go to one of the assigned test centres after you’ve completed your training to take the CBT (Computer Based Test).
  • After passing the examination, a Digital Mitra certificate is released, which must be renewed every two years.

Trainer Mitra: 

  • If a candidate meets the training requirements, he or she will be enrolled with FoSTaC (Food Safety Training and Certification Course). 
  • To become a trained Mitra, the applicant must undergo classroom training and tests by following FoSTaC requirements.
  • The validity of the certificate will be for two years

Hygiene Mitra: 

  • If a candidate fulfils the requirements for being a hygiene Mitra, the candidate will be acknowledged.
  • An applicant must complete classroom training and tests to become a certified Hygiene Mitra.
  • The validity of the certificate will be for two years

A Digital Mitra can also be a Hygiene Mitra. Applicant can choose from one or more Food Safety Mitra options as long as he meets all of the required qualifications and criteria.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Food Safety Mitra:

Digital Mitra:

  • Submitting a new license/registration application online
  • Additional online communication in response to questions asked by authorities
  • Online application for a license/registration change
  • Annual Returns/Declarations are required to be filed online
  • Product/label/advertisement claim approval applications submitting online.
  • Appealing a Suspended License/Suspension Registration’s online

Trainer Mitra:

  • Providing food safety executives with training
  • Managing Eat Right Campuses’ training
  • Handling training of food safety personnel in businesses on request

Hygiene Mitra:

  • To conduct a hygiene audit of FBO outlets by following defined procedures.
  • To assist FBOs in complying with hygiene regulations
  • To train the food safety executives and food handlers about safe & hygienic food handling practices

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