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About Copyright Registration


Copyright Registration is an exclusive right given by India law to the authors, composers, artists, and producers of films to provide them protection for the work done in the area of literacy, artistic work, dramatic, musical, sound recording, and for production of cinematographic films. Copyright is a form of intellectual property or asset, applicable to certain kinds of creative work. Copyright is a tangible asset that can be sold to any party for consideration

Copyright does not usually protect titles by themselves or names, short word mixtures, short phrases, slogans, methods, or factual information nor protect ideas or concepts. Copyright is granted only to original literary work. The Copyright head office is located in Delhi.

The process for registering copyright is entirely online with the Copyright Registrar office. If there are no objections or disputes with the copyright registration application, the copyright shall be registered, and the Copyright Office shall allot the Extracts of Register of Copyrights (ROC), which is nothing but the Registration Certificate.

MeraLegal will help you to register your Trademark or logo registration with a simple process. The MeraLegal expertise will support you with the full procedure of getting a trademark and protect the Trademark. You can visit the Trademark search website and verify the trademark availability online.

Business registration is the most essential step before you apply for a trademark online.Logo registration or Brand Name Registration has many benefits once a brand reaches a certain level. Procedure for Trademark Registration takes a maximum of 1 to 1.5 years for the process as there are many steps for registering the trademark in the Online Trademark registration procedure.

Define the Process

  • Preparation of copyright application -1 to 2 Days
  • Issuance of copyright certificate 20 to 25 Days
  • Submission of copyright application with applicable fees 2 to 4 Days

Advantages of Copyright Registration

  • Legal safeguard

    Copyright registration for any particular design gives total protection to the same as per law. It is the most practical way to protect the work professionally and ethically

  • Creates Branding

    Branding plays a significant role in promoting the business. So, Copyright registration can even support to create a sense of goodwill and excellence in the minds of precious customers.

  • Restrict unauthorized recreation

    Copyright registration limits illegal duplication of your work or idea in any manner, and you can always ask legal aid in case of copyright infringement.

  • Create an intellectual Property asset

    Being an intellectual property, you have the right to sell, lease, or maintain the property.

  • Easy Recognizable

    Copyright registration ensures that the design of the product is restricted, and customers can easily recognize that the work belongs to the concerned owner, and the work is unique.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

MeraLegal can assist in Copyright Filing in 2 to 4 days, subject to Govt. processing time.

Copyright is an exclusive right given by Indian law to the authors, artists, and composers to grant them protection for the work done in the field of literacy, dramatic, artistic work, musical, sound recording, and for production of cinematographic films. Copyright is a kind of intellectual property, applicable to specific forms of the creative output. Copyright is a real asset that can be sold to any individual for consideration.

Trademark is used to guard the name of your brand, or to protect the logo or any slogan. On the other hand, copyright is used to protect the content of your original job.

No, name or title can only get trademark registration.

  • Ideas or facts
  • Common language
  • Domain Name
  • Commonly used articles
  • Idea which is not executed

Trademark is taken to protect the name of your brand or to protect the logo or any slogan. On the other hand, copyright is taken to protect the content of your original work.

No, name or title can only get trademark registration.

  • Literary Work
  • Dramatic Work
  • Musical work
  • Artistic work
  • Sound recordings
  • Films and telefilms

The span of the copyright for a particular work based on various factors, including whether it has been published and, if so, the date of first publication. As a common rule, for works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection remains for the life of the author plus a further 70 years.

  • Composition dealers are expected to file only one quarterly return instead of 3 filed by normal taxpayers.
  • They cannot issue taxable invoices, which means they collect tax from customers and are expected to pay the tax from their pockets.
  • Businesses who chose the composition scheme cannot ask for Input Tax Credit.
  • Details of the applicant
  • Copy of the work
  • Identity and Address proof of the owner
  • In the case of a company, Certificate of incorporation and address proof is needed

Information Required (Only information NO Documents Required)

  • Education Qualification of all the persons Involved
  • Any Landline number
  • Place of birth of all the persons
  • Mobile Numbers of Directors
  • Email IDs of Directors

Company related Information:

  • State in which company is listed
  • Full Registered office address along with PIN Code
  • The proposed business of the company in summary
  • Proposed Name of the organization