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About Trademark Registration


Trademark is a visual symbol, sign, design, or expression that differentiates your business with others. Trademark owner can be an individual, business entity, or any legal firm. Trademark is an intangible asset that is used to safeguard a company's brand or symbol. Trademarks should be unique and not match or resemble existing signs, designs, or expressions.

How to get a trademark? How to register a logo in India? What Trademark office or Trademark Registrar will do for me? Just Relax! Anyone who is looking for Trademark form and needs to get trademark protection for his firm can apply for Trademark registration Online.

Visit the MeraLegal website and get detailed information about the procedure for registering a trademark under Indian Trademark law. The Trademark in India is symbolized as ® (for registered Trademark), ™ (Unregistered Trademark).

MeraLegal will help you to register your Trademark or logo registration with a simple process. The MeraLegal expertise will support you with the full procedure of getting a trademark and protect the Trademark. You can visit the Trademark search website and verify the trademark availability online.

Business registration is the most essential step before you apply for a trademark online.Logo registration or Brand Name Registration has many benefits once a brand reaches a certain level. Procedure for Trademark Registration takes a maximum of 1 to 1.5 years for the process as there are many steps for registering the trademark in the Online Trademark registration procedure.

Online Trademark Process

  • Filing of Trademark Application-1 Day
  • Examination of Trademark – 2 to 4 months.
  • Registration of Trademark – 4 to 6 months.

Procedure For Trademark Registration


Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Protects Brand

    TM registration assists in protecting the brand, which helps in creating a unique identity.

  • Asset Creation

    TM is a form of business that is an uncertain asset of the entity. It can be sold, transferred, or commercially contracted.

  • Secure your brand

    TM helps to guard your brand excellence by protecting its similar use by the competitors. In case an opponent uses its, one can claim the same under the Trademark Act.

  • Build Trust

    Registered Trademark makes sense of trust and faith that you care about your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

MeraLegal can assist in filing the Basic Trademark Registration application in 2 working days, subject to Govt. processing time. You can confirm the trademark registration status on

Trademark is a recognizable symbol, design, or expression that separates your business with others. Trademark owners can be an individual, business establishment, or any legal entity. Trademark is an uncertain asset that is used to guard a company’s brand or logo. Trademark should be unique and not matched with existing sign, design, or expression.

No, a registered trademark is valid up to 10 years and to be renewed before the expiration of the same. Otherwise, late fines will be imposed. When you apply for renewal, It will take 6 or more months to finish the renewal of the Trademark.

One can register a trademark at just Rs 6,500/- if taken in the name of an individual. Also, trademark fees are the same all over India. There are no hidden charges.

  • Trademark Application
  • Power of Attorney
  • form 48
  • Board Resolution

Yes, if you aspire to file trademark under various trademark classes, the fees will get an increase with every class.Mera_Legal provides free trademark class search tool where you can search a right class while applying for your trademark

The ® mark can be used once the Government accepts the application request. Usually, approval of a TM takes about 8 months to 2 Years.

  • Logo
  • Brand Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email IDs
  • Class under which trademark is to be filed