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Fire Department NOC


In India, many fire accidents took the lives of people. Like, The cracker factory accident in Maharashtra took the lives of 10 workers, The Viraat Hotel, Lucknow, gas leakage accident, Bawana Accident, and several other terrifying accidents that happened last year in our country. To stop these kinds of fire incidents, the government ensures that the building has all fire safety measures, and the buildings are fire resistant in case of any tragedy. Therefore, the government has made it mandatory for almost every business existence to get Fire NOC in India.


Fire NOC in India

Fire No objection Certificate is allotted by the Fire Department Authority of the respective state or municipality. This Fire license secures that the residential or commercial property is fire-resistant and unlikely to damage property and lives created by fire incidents. The Fire NOC granted authority is directed by Deputy Chief Fire Officer or Chief Fire Officer and supported by Area Fire Inspectors of that respective city/state. This No objection Certificate must be received by those buildings that have a height of more than 15 meters.

Importance of Fire NOC in India

  • Fire NOC in India must be taken by all those buildings, whether residential or non-residential, whose height is greater than 15 meters to ensure that the property is successfully built with all the fire related measures and will be able to bear fire tragedies in the future.
  • This NOC helps to protect the lives and health of people staying there. You can also prevent your properties from any severe losses and damages that could happen from fire. So, Fire NOC helps protect life and financial loss.

Reasons for Obtaining Fire NOC

The person is eligible to obtain a fire NOC or fire license under the following situations:

  • Fire license is a prerequisite for anybody who is seeking an occupancy certificate or trade license from the civic body in the state.
  • Fire license is expected to conduct businesses and trading activities, as stated under the State problem and fire services Department.
  • Fire license is needed to ensure that construction of the building is fire resistant or, on the other hand, to adopt any fire-related tragedy.
Classes for Fire NOC
  • Residential flats/apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing factories with moderate and high hazards
  • Warehouses
  • Schools/educational institutes
  • Multiplexes
  • Hotels and Restaurants

Documents Required for Obtaining Fire NOC in India

  • Application form
  • Registered office address proofs.
  • 2 Copies of the proposed building plan from building authority, it must be prepared according to the Bye-Law No.
  • Copy of existing NOC agreement, if any.
  • Architect certified check-list
  • Building model
  • Building stability certificate.
  • Outside Photograph of the building
  • Certificate of electric wiring portion and completion from a recognized authority.
  • Address and identity proof of the directors
  • Filed questionnaire

Steps for obtaining Fire NOC in India

  • Step-1 Submitting an application to CFO/ Deputy CFO

    The first step that should be taken by the applicant is to submit an application to issue the Fire No Objection Certificate along with all the appropriate documents, as stated above

    The documents must be presented to the Chief Fire office of the state. The applicant must ensure that he attached all the related documents along with the application form before requesting the Chief Fire Officer or Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

  • Step-2 Inspection by Area Fire Inspector

    The Chief Fire Officer will review all the documents and application and forward the application to the area fire inspector. The local fire inspector will then examine the whole building who wants to get fire NOC and make sure that all the fire preventive measures are placed there.

  • Step-3 Issuance of FCC

    If your local fire inspector will be satisfied with all the facilities and verifies the checklist, then the Fire Brigade Inspector of the specific area will issue a Fire Clearance Certificate to the applicant for his property.

  • Step-4 Granting Fire NOC

    Finally, after obtaining a Fire Clearance Certificate from the Local Fire Brigade Authority, the Chief Fire Officer will issue No Objection Certificate to the applicant for his/her property, ensuring that the property is all ready and cope with any fire possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

The Department does not charge any fees for providing the Fire Department NOC

You will receive your NOC within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the request if all necessary information submitted is accurately provided.

The NOC, once issued, is valid for 5 years for residential and 3 years for non- residential building from the date of issue.

High-rise or multi storey buildings, which are more than 15 meters in height, are required to get Fire NOC from the state Fire Services.