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Eating House License Registration


A person cannot begin a food establishment without getting the FSSAI License. Similarly, for operating the food business (such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, dhabas, or any other eating place) in India, it is compulsory to get the Eating House License in addition to FSSAI License.

Delhi Police passed an act as per which it is mandatory for a shop/ restaurant/ Dhaba/ club, etc. to take an 'Eating House License'. The Food business operator (Applicant) may apply for the license under the supervision of City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner. The operator is granted a license by the Monitoring Authority.


Eating House means: The term "eating house" refers to "any place where the general public is admitted and where any kind of food or drink is provided for consumption." This license is issued by the city's Licensing Police Commissioner.

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Eating House License: What Does It Mean and How Does It Work?

  • Any eating establishment that serves food and beverages for public consumption is referred to as an eating house.
  • Both dhabas, restaurants, food trucks, hotels, and small street shops are included.
  • All eating establishments must have an Eating House License.
  • It is allotted by the Respective State Police Department.

The Authority that Issues the License

According to the Delhi Police Act, the license must be applied for through the City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner. Following the review of records, the authority will issue the license.

How to Apply for an Eating House License

  • To apply for an eating house license, go to the respective state's police department website and fill out an online application with the proper documents.
  • Then it's time to pay the Govt Fees
  • The department can request any additional documents or information if necessary.
  • In some states, visiting the Additional Commissioner of Police for physical verification of documents is needed.
  • The application for this license is collectively verified by various state agencies such as Municipal Corporations, Pollution Control Boards, Fire Departments, and Police Departments.
  • The police department will grant the licence after proper examination and verification from different agencies.

Validity and Fees for Eating House License

  • It is usually valid for 3 years. But it may differ from state to state.
  • As it is a state matter, its Govt fees depend on the state to state.

Renewal of Eating House License

When the license's validity expires, you'll have to renew it. The license's validity is determined by the issuing authority, which varies by state. The license is usually only valid for three years. The procedure for renewing your license is identical to that for obtaining a new one.

Cancellation of the License

The authority that issues the license also reserves the right to ban it under the following circumstances:

  • If the applicant violates the guidelines issued at the time of issuing the license or fails to follow the instructions given, the authority will cancel the license after giving the applicant a reasonable opportunity to be heard. As a result, the license will be canceled by the authority.
  • The applicant can apply to the authority for the license to be surrendered if it wants to close the eating house for a specific reason. The license will be revoked as a result of this.

Duplicate License

If the applicant's license is torn, destroyed, or deteriorated, he or she may request a duplicate by paying the required fees. The authority will assess the application and decide whether or not to grant it. One of the many licenses needed to operate a food business in India is an eating house license. To operate a legitimate company, you must obtain the same.

Documents Required for an Eating House License Registration

  • Applicant's Identity Proof- (PAN or Aadhaar/Passport/Voter ID/Driving License)
  • Address proof of applicant- (Bank Account statement/Voter ID card/Aadhaar Card/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Rent Agreement or any other Property ownership documents)
  • Registered office proof (Rent/lease deed or any other Property ownership documents)
  • Business Enrollment Certificate (Depending on business type like Company/LLP/Partnership)
  • ID and Address proof of business (Depending on business form like Company/LLP/Partnership)
  • FSSAI License
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Affidavit in directed format
  • Layout plan of the Registered office
  • Fire and Pollution License
  • Environment Clearance Certificate
  • Proof regarding the connection of water supply, drainage system from Municipal Authority
  • Details of Pest control measures
  • Details of areas made available for smoking in the establishment

Note- Documents may differ from state to state and kind of industrial exercise

Frequently Asked Questions ?

The Registration Certificate/Eating House license will be valid for three years, depending on the validity of the applicant's trade license.

An appeal to the Registering Authority may be made if the Registration Certificate is lost, defaced, or damaged. On receipt of an application and after making such inquiries as he deems appropriate, the Registering Authority can issue a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate on payment.

After the holder of a certificate of registration has been given a fair opportunity to demonstrate cause against such cancellation, the Registering Authority has the authority to cancel the certificate of registration for violation of any law or Directions provided by the Registering Authority. The R.C. holder can send a written request to the Registering Authority for revocation of the R.C. by surrendering it if the Eating House has closed for some reason.

The Registration Certificate can be transferred after the creation of an amended Health Trade License issued by the civic body and after due Character, Verification performed by the Registering Authority in the event of the holder's death or other inevitable circumstances.

Any individual who is aggrieved by the Registering Authority's orders can file an appeal with the Commissioner of Police within 30 days of the date of the order.