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Important Points

The conditions under which a taxpayer may apply for GST Registration cancellation are set out in Section 29 of the CGST Act:

  • Discontinuance of a company– When an individual voluntarily closes his business due to insolvency or another cause.
  • Less annual turnover- If the taxpayer's annual turnover is less than INR 20 lakhs.
  • Business transfer- When there is a corporate transition due to a merger, amalgamation, or other relevant factors.
  • Sale of business– If a person sells his or her company to another person, he or she must cancel his or her GST registration, and the new owner must apply for a new GST registration.

GST cancellation is also available to someone who has registered for GST mistakenly or incorrectly.

About GST Cancellation Online


Taxpayer can request GST cancellation in some circumstances, and an officer can also cancel the certificate on his initiative due to non-compliance with the provision of the Act. If the business has closed, the business has been transferred to someone else, the turnover is less than the necessary GST threshold, or the PAN has changed, you can file for cancellation.

Cancellation of GST can be requested by taxpayers online by filing GST REG-16. The concerned officer will allot an order of cancellation from GST REG-19 within 30 days from the date of request. Details on the stock of input raw material, finished goods, and semi-finished goods must be provided on the date on which cancellation is requested.

Checklist of GST cancellation Forms

Different forms are filed for Goods and Service Tax cancellation:

  • Form GST REG-16- It is required when cancellation by a registered taxpayer/individual is asked
  • Form GST REG-17- It is needed to issue show cause notice for cancellation
  • Form GST REG-18- When a response to Show Cause Notice is needed
  • Form GST REG-19- This form is needed for an order for dismissal
  • Form GST REG-20– Form GST REG-20 requires order for withdrawing the cancellation actions
  • Form GST REG-21- Form GST REG-21 is asked at the time of an Application to withdraw the cancellation
  • Form GST REG-22- Form GST REG-22 is required at the time of Order dismissing the cancellation of GST Registration

Documents Required for GST CANCELLATION

The documents needed for GST Cancellation Online are listed below:

  • The GSTIN of the company that is being shut down.
  • Details of in-stock inputs or inputs found in semi-finished or finished products in stock
  • Details on any outstanding GST liabilities, fines, penalties, and so on.
  • Information of any GST payments made against the debt, as well as details of any input tax credits.


MeraLegal will help you cancel your GST registration within 30-60 days, depending on how quickly the government processes your request.

  • 01.
    Application Preparation

    A dedicated GST Expert will prepare your GST registration cancellation application and gather all of the necessary documentation for filing with the GST Department.

  • 02.
    Application Filing

    The GST expert will apply the GST registration cancellation application to the GST Department, along with the details of the Approved Signatory, once it has been prepared and validated.

  • 03.
    Application Filing

    The GST Department will assign an ARN number once the application and supporting documentation have been uploaded. The ARN number will be tracked by a GST expert until it is completed.

Revocation of Cancellation

The term "Revocation" refers to the official cancellation of a decision. If tax officials cancel a registered person's GST registration on their motion, the registered person has thirty days from the date of the cancellation order to apply for revocation of the cancellation order.

Complete the Cancellation Form with the required information.

Fill out the Cancellation Form with the required information. When applying for a cancellation of a GST Registration Certificate, the applicant must include the following details in Form GST REG-16:

  • Contact details, including e-mail address and phone number;
  • Reasons for the cancellation of GST;
  • A preferred cancellation date;
  • If an existing unit was amalgamated, moved, or combined, the details of the organization were recorded.
  • Specifications for the tax payable on input stock, such as inputs available in finished or semi-finished goods, as well as a stock of plant and machinery;
  • Details of the most recent GST returns filed, including the Acquirer Reference Number for each return.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Please follow the basic four-step process for canceling your GST online.

  • Visit the MeraLegal website and sign up.
  • Upload your documents and pay online
  • Our GST Expert will file FORM GST REG-16
  • Acknowledgment of GST Cancellation on Mail
  • Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal.
  • Step 2 – Go to 'Services' > 'Registration' > Follow the progress of your application.
  • Step 3 – Select ‘Submission Period' and enter the date of your GST Cancellation application, then press ‘Search.'

Tax paid by the regular taxpayer is to be done monthly and it should be done by the 20th of the subsequent month. Cash will be first deposited in the Cash Ledger, and the taxpayer shall debit the ledger before making payment in the monthly returns and shall reflect the appropriate debit entry number in his return. For Example-Tax Payment for March shall be paid by the 20th of April.

After you surrender your GST registration card, it usually takes about one month for the GST to be canceled.

The government has the authority to revoke a person's GST certificate in some cases.

  • GST non-filing Returns for the next 6 months
  • GST non-payment
  • Breach of GST laws
  • No trading activity after GST registration in the 6 months subsequently.
  • In the case of the Composite scheme, the non-filing of GST Returns for three months.

No, it's not true. After GST cancellation, the GST registration cannot be reinstated. If a GST registration is mistakenly surrendered, it will undoubtedly be revoked.

The GST authority will send you a show-cause notice if your GST registration is likely to be canceled by order, and you will have seven days to respond.

When the company is closed, to prevent needless filing